2nd Tuesday in April

Today’s quote on TWO WRITING TEACHERS could not have been more perfect in expressing my feelings. I’ve copied it here. Thank you to the person who created the quote and image and to Jacqueline Woodson for these true words.


I think these words could describe Love. Family. Spring. Learning. Peace. All the parts of life that I hold dear seem to come softly and leave too soon. I don’t think I’ve always believed this. Probably, in my busiest days of raising five children while working and going to school, time bulldozed through the days and I longed for some quiet, alone time. Now that I have more time alone, time seems fuzzy around the edges as memories blur.

Why so pensive, you ask?

Today my daughter and her husband cut baby Johnny’s hair. This first haircut was a rite of passage I wasn’t ready for. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe I, more than anyone, wanted him to stay a baby just a little longer. Somehow, I imagine the snip of scissors on his baby-fine hair has made the clock tick faster and louder. And just like that, he’ll be grown.

Johnny's first haircut 4-9-19