I boarded the Metro to ride into Washington, DC to meet a friend. I was excited to be meeting a fellow teacher/writer whom I had only known from her blog and writing sessions through TeachWrite. It was a beautiful spring morning to be out and about with bright sunshine, tulips, dogwoods, and emerging green everywhere.

I can’t read while I ride in any moving vehicle, so I entertained myself by watching the people come and go. It’s interesting how few people make eye contact, and if they do, they quickly busy themselves with phones or papers, digging through backpacks and tote bags. I still like to watch. I’m always curious about what others are reading or what they might be listening to on those little white earbuds that have become so commonplace.

Counting the stops, there were just two more until I would get off at L’Enfant Plaza. At Metro Center, a woman got up and walked toward the door. The train was still moving toward her stop. I had noticed her earlier when she took a small notebook out of her bag and started writing.

As the train slowed, she leaned over and asked, “Do I know you? You look very familiar.”

I said, “No, I don’t think we’ve met,” but as the doors opened, I called, “Are you a writer?”

“Yes!” She waved and wished me a good day. I may never know who she is, but I smiled and felt I had a new friend anyway.

10 thoughts on “An Unknown Friend

  1. I have a funny feeling that you will run into this woman again! I bet you know each other through a space like this, TWT. I can assure you, it wasn’t me – though I am in the D.C. metro area, too. (Silver Spring, Maryland) I don’t think I’ve been on the metro since pre-pandemic (I retired in June 2020; took the metro daily for years). Great slice!

  2. You may never know who this person is, and that’s ok. This post is full of wonder. Everything happens for a reason!

  3. This reminds me of a woman I saw in the dentist office recently. She thought she knew me and I had been thinking the same thing. We ran through all our traditional points of connection, but couldn’t find a thing. But we both felt like we knew each other somehow. I love how you enjoy watching, noticing, and wondering on your metro ride.
    The little bit of dialogue was the perfect conclusion to your morning observations. And now I’m wondering just who you were meeting that morning.

  4. Marilyn, what a sweet story. It sounded a bit mysterious, as well as special. I like to catch the eyes of people when I’m out because I realize it is something that some people try to avoid. I like to make someone smile. Writers finding writers!

  5. Hmm, I wonder if she is in one of the writing circles you are a part of. I loved picturing you on this ride. What fun that you got to meet up in real life with a friend and met a maybe friend on the way.

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