#OLW – One Little Word 2015

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about my One Little Word and have enjoyed reading about the words others have chosen. It’s a small thing—one word—but it can have enormous power in our lives.
The word I’ve chosen is remember. I know I won’t remember all of things all of the time, but if I just remember some of them sometimes, I’ll be happier, more productive, and more whole. As I approach age 60 in a few short weeks, I’m aware of the things I’ve forgotten—from memories lost that are important to other family members, from the times when I was too busy to really pay attention, to where the bleep is my purse?
Remember to write.
Remember to practice and practice some more.
Remember to forgive.
Remember to laugh and give hugs.
Remember my parents, brother, and sisters.
Remember to exercise.
Remember to eat healthy food and drink water.
Remember my children.
Remember my grandchildren.
Remember to read every day. (That’s the easiest one.)
Remember to pay the bills, answer email, take out the trash, get rid of clutter, and all the other things that fill the to-do list that keep me from remembering the things I really want to remember.
Remember to look for beauty.
Remember the kindness of friends.
Remember to be a kind friend.
Remember to listen.
Remember childhood.
Remember those in need, which is pretty much all of us.