Some nights

There are a number of people to whom the following quote is attributed, but I couldn’t find a definitive source. I’ve always liked it.

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.

Tonight, I have tried writing and hit “Delete.”

Then, I spent and hour or more reading other posts and writing comments. I loved what I read, but inspiration was quickly followed by a lack of emotional energy to get my own words down. I’m sorry.


Some nights, I sits and writes. Some nights, I just sits.

A wonderful writing community.

The Day After Perfect

In Jon Acuff’s book FINISH: GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF DONE, he addresses the many ways perfectionism and its accompanying reflection, procrastination, can influence our productivity and sense of well-being. He says that the most important day is the day after you have messed up or broken a streak in a habit you want to create.

The habit I’m working to improve is daily writing. For the last seven years, I have had 100% days of writing and posting a slice of life during the month of March. This is the first year in my eight years of the March SOLSC that I have neglected to write on a day in March. This year, I have already not written three times. I have to pause and ask, “Why did I let that day go by without writing?” Being away from home, playing with grandchildren, and evening fatigue all contributed to my not writing. But I think there was more.

Maybe I didn’t write because I let myself believe I didn’t have anything to say. Maybe I didn’t write because writing can bring up feelings that I’m too afraid to put in print. Maybe I didn’t write because I couldn’t be as clever, as interesting, or as spot on as my fellow slicers.

I used to think that I was the only one who ever felt this way. Now I know that all writers face these questions and challenges at some point in their writing process. What matters is how we respond.

I’m getting back up on the horse today. I’m giving myself the gift of Done and recognizing that no one is asking that I be perfect. No one is requiring that I write like Wallace Stegner or Robert Frost. It’s okay to put words on the page each day, even if they are not amazing words, because someone, somewhere may be needing my words today. Even if it’s only me that needs to write and read them.

Writing daily through the month of March. Thank you to all the leaders at Two Writing Teachers who make this community possible.