I’m struggling with topic today.  So many stories come to mind, but then my inner censor says, “That’s too depressing, or that’s too personal, or that’s boring.”  I know stories will come, but perhaps not today.  Perhaps today is a day for reflecting.  I’m happy to be part of this SOL challenge.  It is my first time blogging, and the first time I’ve kept a commitment to write that’s lasted more than 3 days.  So that is something to celebrate.

I’m struggling on this 5th day in a good way – I know the struggle is worth it.  It doesn’t scare me to struggle, I have struggled with much harder things than my writing and am grateful for the lessons learned from those experiences.  I know that all writers go through this process.  I’m just newer at navigating it, but I have faith in the process and know that I will be surprised at how much I learn.

As I think now of my students, I know they often struggle.  I don’t want to steal that from them, no matter how many signals they give that it’s hard.  I have one student that enters my room every day with a “pouty” face.  She wants me to know loud and clear that she doesn’t want to be there, but I notice that gradually she enters the group, sits up a little taller, takes a risk to make a comment, and grows in her confidence.  That’s why I don’t mind her pouty face.  I know the struggle will pay off.

One of the great aspects of this SOL challenge is the opportunity to do as Stephen King said, “If you want to write, Read, Read, Read.”  Reading the posts of others teaches me so much.  

6 thoughts on “March 5, 2014

  1. Struggling with topics during SOL is perfectly normal. This year (my fourth) I created a Pinterest board with blogging ideas and I’ve been writing down ideas that I get from other bloggers every day. Sometimes, ideas just come to me and i think,”Wow. that’s a perfect slice” But many days….nothing comes. And that’s why I have the board and the notebook!

  2. You are so right…we do learn from our struggles. How fortunate your students are that you allow them to struggle. I think we often try to rescue our young from their struggles…and don’t realize that we are robbing them of important lessons. Thank you for sharing this, Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  3. You could be writing about me. Thank you for the honesty. This is my first Slice of Life Challenge too. Just got the blog up and going for 2Tuesday slices and then it was March. I struggled today and had to use a writing prompt.

  4. Marilyn,
    Your confidence through struggle inspires me. I also agree with you and S. King – I may like the reading of writing just as much or more than the writing. I know both are helping us both grow as writers!!

  5. Your words are as I think this past 24 hours. Worrying about it being good enough, too boring, too negative. I too am enjoying this journey in a frustrated stage kind of way and look forward to reading and learning from others. Great post. Thank you for not letting me think I was the only one!!

  6. I had to smile as Ms. Pouty Face. She’s no match for a patient wall of fortitude who is not afraid of process….not even the writing process scares her. 🙂

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