I wrote this note to my friend, Sally, who invited me to join this writing challenge with her:

“I love this writing challenge.  This morning, I found myself composing stories in my mind as I drove down the beltway.  And then I realized that I was going through the process that Ralph Fletcher talks about—where does the story really begin?  And what is it really about?  If the story is like a river, where do I jump in?  It was cool to realize that I’m thinking like a writer (a newbie for sure, but hey, we’re doing it!!)”

I find myself in composing-mode many times during the day.  When I’m in the shower, I’m trying out stories in my mind.  When I’m driving, or when I’m doing dishes, I’m rehearsing, revising, or searching for the meaning of a memory.  Why does a particular memory feel so important?  Such little stories, but they have lasted more than 50 years in my mind.  

I feel like writing daily has opened up my mind and heart to things that have been covered for some time.  If I start to worry whether my story will mean something to anyone else, I find that my inner-censor starts to take over.  I think I am learning that if I am honest in the details of my stories and open with my true feelings, my personal story might resonate on a more universal level with someone else. That’s why I have enjoyed the commenting feature of this challenge so much.  I only know one slicer personally, but the comments I have received from strangers are so warm and supportive.  I feel connected to the other “slicers” because their stories reach the truth in my life too.   

I questioned whether I would be able to sustain writing daily since routines are hard for me, but to my great joy, this challenge has not felt like a routine.  There is no drudgery here – there is nourishment and creative energy. 

2 thoughts on “March 14, 2014

  1. Marilyn,
    You clearly stated what I need to focus on more – why do I remember this moment? What is the meaning to me? When I have added my meaning, I have gotten more comments! I guess my honest musing help readers connect. But it is something I need to focus on as it is harder to go deeper. Thanks for putting into words what I need to work on as a writer!

    With the 2-hr delay, I am able to catch up and read past postings! I’m glad we are in this challenge!!

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