I’m reading a book called, What Makes Olga Run?, which is about a woman who started competitive track and field events at age 77. At age 90 she had no more female peers to compete against, so she now competes with the 90-year old men.  The book is exploring research around Olga’s aging process. Scientists are trying to determine what factors in her earlier habits of life might have contributed to her having slowed-down the natural decline of the body.  She can sprint and throw a javelin at age 90.  She considered pole vault, but then decided not to take the risk.

I’m inspired by Olga.  She was a teacher for 34 years.  That inspires me, too.






2 thoughts on “March 23, 2014

  1. I just read about her in a magazine this month! I can only hope to have such amazing motivation and ability at her age!

  2. I love reading biographies. Thanks for telling me about Olga. I can’t even imagine doing what she is doing at age 90…but mauve we all should! 🙂

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