For people who know me well, the idea that I could do ANYTHING for 31 days in a row would be preposterous.  I have rarely passed Day 10 on any diet or self-improvement plan, housekeeping routine (that would be more like Day 3), or child-raising routine.  I have structure in my life, but not necessarily routine.  It is HARD for me to do things at the same time each day, or even each day.  Even things I enjoy are not easily sustained on a daily basis.

So what was different this time?  I’m not sure, but I feel that the supportive community was a BIG motivator.  I found that I looked forward to writing and I looked forward to receiving comments and feedback.  This was my first year slicing and I entered the challenge with a friend.  I’m sure the friendship helped support the effort, too.  

But I think there’s more.  I think that I recognized that this was important work for me to do.  It was work which brought meaning to memory and voice to feelings and thoughts that have been quiet a long time.  I loved the “Be inspired” section and often I was inspired and my imagination was challenged.  I found “flow” at times – that optimal place where engagement and challenge are just right.  I realized that living like a writer is a good way to live.  It’s a reflective, active, observant practice that made me happier. 

I thank ALL who participated.  You have touched me and lifted me up.  I hope I have been able to be a support for some of you, too. Perhaps we’ll meet again on Tuesdays this year.  Remember Wimpy (Popeye’s friend)? “I’d gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today.”  Well, I’d gladly write on Tuesday to be a part of this writing community.

2 thoughts on “March 31, 2014

  1. Wonderful reflection! I completely agree. Thisis a well crafted piece that has a lot of voice, creates understanding, and leaves the reader feeling good’

  2. My favorite line of your final reflection: brought meaning to memory and voice to feelings and thoughts that have been quiet a long time. YOU put into words so elegantly why this was such important work. And you are a funnny writer, too!! I love your beginning! See you Friday to celebrate in person!

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