So, I’ve been avoiding writing since my trip to Wales, feeling utterly inadequate to express the beauty I saw, the feelings I had, and the things I learned. So for now, I’m going to set aside all that inadequacy and merely begin again.

I’ve had to begin again over and over in my life. So far, feelings of inadequacy might paralyze me for a time, but somehow I keep fighting back. I have experienced it so many times, you’d think I’d finally learn that I’m not inadequate, but I’m not there yet.

I’m so appreciative of the community of educators (many whom I haven’t even met) who lift me up and inspire me daily as I read your blogs and tweets. I was reminded today by a teacher-friend that what we do is not about the content of what we teach, but about the lives of children we have in our care. It is not so much about what they are learning, but about how what they are learning is influencing what they can become. Is what I’m teaching today framed by love, humanity, and patience? Is framed the right word? Maybe it should be, Is what I’m teaching today nourished by love, humanity, and patience? Am I bringing hope into my work?

As I taught my minilesson today on thinking about people I know for my writing ideas, I was reminded that writing is hard, but so satisfying. I wrote a little piece in front of the students about my grandson, Josh. I was challenged to convey Josh’s particular sense of humor, his tenacity, and his almost 8-year old strength. It felt so good to practice–it’s time to write again.

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