My baby girl is having a baby. I feel the parallelism of generations. I had my first baby at 22. She is 22. I was born prematurely (29 weeks) and she born at 29 weeks. When she passed her 29th week with this pregnancy, we both felt a special relief. She calls me often and shows me her growing belly and asks how much it will hurt. I honestly can’t remember the childbirth pain. Other pain through the years has been more indelible. This baby will be my 7th grandchild, but she is the first of my daughters to have a baby. I don’t know why that feels different, but it does. Maggie could be born any day now. I’m so distracted (in a good way).

My one-little-word for this year is remember. As this month of focused “slicing” approached, I found myself scanning memories and wondering which ones will come out in writing this month. I’m never quite sure where my writing will take me, but I remember the growth I felt last year as I worked to write every day in March and am looking forward to more growing this year. I remember the first response I got to my first post last year. I was so excited–it meant so much to me that someone cared to read my words and write back.

As I read Betsy Hubbard’s post the other day where she mentioned that “close reading” is really about what you believe in (Chris Lehman), the cymbals crashed, the drums boomed, and the trumpets blared as I experienced a clarifying moment. It is our beliefs that make us stop and notice a turn of phrase, a shift of perspective, or an affirmation of our own thoughts and experiences. I think that is why I am participating in this challenge. I’m hungry for the experience of reading others’ words and finding myself in them.

6 thoughts on “March 1, 2015

  1. A new granddaughter to love-there’s nothing like it. I only have girls, but I’ve been told your daughter having a baby is much different that your son. My daughter and I created a whole new bond with the birth of her daughter. She even asked me to attend them as an assistant coach in the delivery room and the bond I have with my granddaughter is like no other! Good luck with your new baby and happy remembering and writing!

  2. Marilyn – I agree with Terrie – WOW. Your parallelism and your wise words about why we have such a desire to share our writing is so true. I can’t wait to see baby pictures!!

  3. Congratulations on the next generation! I’m inspired by your one little word. Mine is trust. Funny how trust and remember go together more often than not. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I am excited for you, your daughter, and future granddaughter. I have two very little girls right now myself, and I hope to always remember this time in my life. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

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