I’ve succumbed.  I’m grumpy.  It’s supposed to snow tomorrow and they already cancelled school. I only saw students once last week, and now it will be only once this week.  I never thought I would not want a snow day.  After all, snow days are days to read in the morning, to stare out the window, and to make good food.  But tonight, it feels like another snow day is a sabotage of learning.

My grumpiness wasn’t helped when I stopped at the store after teaching my evening class. Long lines. Rude people. Cold rain. I got drenched as I loaded the groceries in the car. There was lots of honking in the parking lot. Why, I’m not sure. I was just trying to get home, be warm, and have enough to eat. Basic needs, right?

I called my husband to come help me bring the groceries in.  It was raining harder, and he was more concerned about my parking job than helping.  After trying to follow his hand signals three times, I gave up and told him to park the car himself. He laughed and brought in the groceries.  I admitted to being grumpy.  He kindly put my bowl of stew in the microwave.

It’s interesting how writing this down reveals how unproductive grumpy can be.  I’m smiling now as I think about the luxury of reading in the morning.

2 thoughts on “March 4, 2015

  1. As I read “with a smile” I predicted that your
    husbands mood would rub off on you. So often it is those around us that cause grumpy feelings but also those around us that remind us to smile. Enjoy your day (or two) of reading.

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