Back in October, 2014, several things happened that “rocked” my world, and I struggled with depression.  It was all I could do to get up and go to work, make it through the day and do it again the next.  Sometime during the following months, the image of being a ball on a pool table came to my mind.  I felt like I kept getting hit from out of nowhere and I’d be sent in directions that were not of my choosing.  I’ve been wanting to draft a poem to express some of this. . .here’s a VERY ROUGH draft that hopefully, I can revise and improve.  Suggestions welcome!

If my life

Is like a billiards game–

the balls racked,

connected in a perfect triangle–

Then possibility is high and order is established.

But if,

When the break comes,

And the cue ball comes from anywhere

Sending me in unanticipated directions,

Then, do I stay on the table

To take the hits again and again,

Or hope to find the


One thought on “March 15, 2015

  1. Wow. I totally love this, and I can so relate. I started on a similar journey of struggle, and I love this analogy. Interestingly, I feel like I chose to jump right off the table. I literally ran away, half-way around the world, for 12 days, to just be alone – away from anything that might throw me another curve ball (ironically, I had absolutely no fear of the potential curve balls that could come from an international trip), and when I came back, now that you mention it, I felt like my entire existence had been re-racked and I was ready to play the game again.

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