Nourish is the One Little Word I have chosen for many reasons.  This year is my 20th year of teaching and will bring my 8th grandchild.  I teach 9 groups of students each day (38 students in Grades 1-5).  I confess to a bit of fatigue and stress.  I know that nourishment is what I need to continue the journey joyfully and effectively.

There are many things that provide nourishment for me:  family, stories, music, poetry, friends, children, nature, knitting, birds, movement, even just being alone. When I have this full plate of vital, life-enhancing experiences (blessings) available to me, why am I starved for something to satisfy a hunger I can’t explain? It’s like when you open the fridge and it is full but there’s nothing to eat.

Clearly, working hard and being busy are not enough.

And, of course, nourish does rhyme with flourish.  That’s got to mean something.


2 thoughts on “January 5, 2016 OLW

  1. Love “nourish” and its counterpart in flourish! What a fun word for 2016! I look forward to hearing more about how you nourish that “yearning” . . . that search . . . that space that feels like it should be filled.

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