A year ago, I wrote about the excitement I felt as my youngest awaited the birth of her first child. What a joyful year it has been to watch her grow with her adorable Maggie. Maggie filled a place in me that I didn’t even know was empty. It’s hard to articulate the impact one little life can have on a family. She has brought so much laughter.

Now, we await the birth of my middle child’s first baby. A completely different set of emotions accompanies this one. My daughter’s journey has known tragedy. Her first husband took his own life. We grieved deeply. It took time, but Stephanie, always a strong young woman, emerged from that experience with resilience, hope, and an open heart. She married again last year and expects their baby April 12. I stand in wonder at her courage and willingness to be vulnerable, to give her life in love.

Stephanie is a natural athlete. She taught herself to dive and joined the diving team at age 12; she played basketball in AAU and on the varsity team as a freshman; she beat many members of the college football team in their PE class bowling tournament; she golfs. She hits homeruns on 2 softball teams. She ran the San Francisco marathon and several half marathons. She never stops. Last week, she played golf at 8 months pregnant. When I asked if that was a good idea, she said it actually helped her swing! (The baby helped her rotation.)

So when I think of Stephanie as a mother, I have no fears. She will open her heart some more. She will work at it and give 110%. That’s just who she is. Lucky little baby boy.


5 thoughts on “March 6, 2016

  1. Lucky gramma! I remember reading about little Maggie’s birth. Now she’ll have a cousin. This year I am awaiting my first grandchild (August). The circle of life keeps us rolling along!

  2. Our children do amaze us, don’t they…? Your daughter that is due in April sounds particularly amazing and strong. Thank you for sharing her difficult journey with others. Best of luck to all next month!

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