I enjoyed reading posts this weekend from #DigiLit Sunday on the theme of Refresh which helped me feel not so alone in my state of end-of-year depletion. I, too, have a huge stack of reading by my bed and great hopes of enjoying both professional and children’s literature this summer.

An ABCEDARIAN List of Refreshments

A – Allow myself to be quiet and reflect.

B – Be ready to try something new.

C – Cultivate in the garden.

D – Dig in to learning.

E – Ease and Effort – find the balance.

F – Forgive and forget past hurts.

G – Give to others.

H – Have specific goals to read and write.

I – Integrate body, mind, and spirit.

J – Just be.

K – Knit and knit some more.

L – Log my reading. Also Let be; let go; let in.

M – Make nourishing food and eat it.

N – Nature walks.

O – Open windows and doors.

P – Practice, practice, practice and play with grandchildren.

Q – Quietly listen.

R – Reserve judgment.

S – Sing

T – Take time to write.

U – Utilize technology tools.

W – Wonder

Y – Yoga practice

Z – The Zoo is always good for refreshment:)

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