“Autumn is a second spring when all the leaves are flowers.” (Albert Camus)

I love this quote because even though fall is a time of letting go, I find it is a time when parts of me come alive. The savory smells, warm colors, crisp mornings, and busy squirrels are restorative even as they remind me that preparations for winter must be made. I love the sense of hanging on to the last bit of warmth, the last leaf, the close wrapping of sweaters around the soul. Perhaps it is the reflective nature of fall that makes it a hopeful time for me.

My 9th grandchild was born last Friday (9/23). With his birth came the reminder that love and forgiveness are powerful beyond our understanding. Love has its seasons and its autumn can bring a second spring.

3 thoughts on “September 27, 2016

  1. Thank you so much for this Camus quote. I’m one of those people who’s never liked fall, since it’s the entrance to winter, and I’d like to avoid winter as much as possible. But this quote lets me see fall in a more positive way, and I will try to remember it.

    And congratulations on your newest grandchild. I hope you get to see them often enough to suit you.

  2. Nine grandchildren! Congrats. I’m reveling in my new role as grandma and looking forward to #2 this winter. I love your thoughts about fall. I like this season too and enjoyed the words you wrote. I find it to be a hopeful time, and a slowing down time too!

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