It’s one of the earliest things we learn to do.

Variations come with certain ages and change the perspective one might have about walking. Our walk might change by choice, or not by choice.

WALK (Verb: to move along on foot): Saunter. Stroll. Climb. Hike. Limp. Rush. March. Pace. Tread. Amble. Trudge. Meander. Plod. Prance. Shuffle. Strut.

Then, there is WALK (Noun: a discipline): the way to go, the course to follow, the line, the terrain, the path.

And WALK (Noun: a pathway): aisle, avenue, boardwalk, byway, crossing, footpath, mall, promenade, sidewalk, trail.

Scriptures learned come to mind as I consider WALK:

“walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

“walk, and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31)

“yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” (Psalms 23: 4)

And a favorite poem:

Velvet Shoes (by Elinor Wylie)

Let us walk in the white snow

In a soundless space;

With footsteps quiet and slow,

At a tranquil pace,

Under veils of white lace.

I shall go shod in silk,

And you in wool,

White as white cow’s milk,

More beautiful

Than the breast of a gull.

We shall walk through the still town

In a windless peace;

We shall step upon white down,

Upon silver fleece,

Upon softer than these.

We shall walk in velvet shoes:

Wherever we go

Silence will fall like dews

On white silence below.

We shall walk in the snow.


In 2017, I am choosing WALK as my OLW to guide me. I want to walk physically for a healthier body and clearer mind on familiar and unfamiliar paths. I want to walk peacefully with my family and friends. I want to walk softly, with awareness of the feelings of others.  I want to walk resolutely toward new learning and growth in my walk as teacher and learner. I want to walk gratefully for all that is good. And if there is snow (and I hope there will be), I’ll walk lovingly in velvet shoes.

2 thoughts on “January 3, 2017

  1. Walk – what a wonderful word for the year! I love the poem a new-to-me keeper. And your final paragraph is beautifully written. I’m copying it into my writer’s notebook! Your words are inspiring. I know you and walk will have a wonderful journey together this year.

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