I’m almost finished closing out my classroom after taking care of mountains of books, testing systems, literacy files, and reflecting on the school improvement plan. It has been a full, full year. I’m tired, but at peace. I did the best I could. Finally, I feel that is enough.

I’ve brought home a stack of professional books to read and ideas are percolating for next year’s challenges. I know the few weeks of summer will go too fast and then we’ll begin again. It’s good that we pause to reflect, recharge, and renew.

My renewal began today when my daughter called to FaceTime with me. (I know FaceTime is a noun, but used here as a verb. Funny, how our language is changing.) Her two-year old daughter just cracks me up. She has learned how to do the splits; although when her mom asked her to do the splits, she did a perfect downward dog! But with some coaxing, I did witness our two-year old wonder doing the splits. I can’t stop smiling about it. Such simple things bring such joy.

I can’t think what the equivalent action would be at my age. I certainly can’t attempt the splits. That would not be wise. But what could I do that would bring such triumph, pleasure, and joy? I need to ponder that question some more. There has to be an answer. Maybe it will show up in my writing soon.

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