I love thinking about words.
For some reason the word “crack” caught my interest.

Crack an egg.
A crack of thunder.
A hairline crack.
A crack in the wall.
A crack in the armor.
A crack shot.
Give me a crack at him.
You crack me up.
You’re on crack.
Crack baby.
Crack the window.
Open it a crack.

So many meanings of one CCVCC word.
Such a spectrum of emotion from one word.

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10 thoughts on “March 8, 2018

  1. This was really fun to read. I will be thinking of ways to add to your list for the next couple days.

  2. Interesting exploration. Did you let it flow or did you make decisions about the line order? I like the egg opening and the window closing, with some more disturbing images sandwiched in between.

  3. My favorite – You crack me up! I love your word exploration. Lots of different meanings for crack, aren’t there? It took me awhile to figure out CCVCC, guess that speaks to my years spent in middle school. I did teach third grade for three years, so it was there . . . just had to dig a bit.

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