March 8, 2018

I love thinking about words.
For some reason the word “crack” caught my interest.

Crack an egg.
A crack of thunder.
A hairline crack.
A crack in the wall.
A crack in the armor.
A crack shot.
Give me a crack at him.
You crack me up.
You’re on crack.
Crack baby.
Crack the window.
Open it a crack.

So many meanings of one CCVCC word.
Such a spectrum of emotion from one word.

Image result for crack

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mrssurridge
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 22:06:14

    This was really fun to read. I will be thinking of ways to add to your list for the next couple days.


  2. franmccrackin
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 22:08:22

    Interesting exploration. Did you let it flow or did you make decisions about the line order? I like the egg opening and the window closing, with some more disturbing images sandwiched in between.


  3. wordjourneysite
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 22:11:43

    I love words. Your list (poem?) of the uses of the word crack is so interesting. I wonder how many words lend themselves to such an extensive exploration.


  4. Ramona
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 23:35:29

    My favorite – You crack me up! I love your word exploration. Lots of different meanings for crack, aren’t there? It took me awhile to figure out CCVCC, guess that speaks to my years spent in middle school. I did teach third grade for three years, so it was there . . . just had to dig a bit.


  5. Sally Donnelly
    Mar 09, 2018 @ 06:37:31

    You remind me to be playful with words!


  6. Debbie Lynn
    Mar 09, 2018 @ 08:47:08

    I like this, too! 🙂


  7. persistenceandpedagogy
    Mar 09, 2018 @ 19:50:23

    love the way you play with this word and the time you spend thinking about it. Dare I show my ignorance and ask what is CCVCC?


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