11 Things to be Grateful For Today

  • All family members are safe, healthy, and accounted for.
  • Baby Johnny arrived today. Eight pounds of wonderfulness.
  • I got to spend an hour with my daughter and her newborn son.
  • Maggie (3) and I played outside. She gathered “fruit” (aka leaves) for the “villagers.” She added rocks and sticks so that everyone would have enough to eat. I love this girl.
  • Smartphone technology allowed Maggie to see her new brother in real time, hear his little newborn noises, and see the funny faces he makes.
  • The spring peepers sang to the full moon. That sound means spring is really here.
  • A bright green lizard surprised us on the deck. That’s not something that happens at home!
  • Rapid-fire text messages between the 12 adults in the family celebrated the 11th little cousin. Such a blessing when we are spread across the country.
  • A new Instant Pot recipe for Pulled Pork turned out great. Yum!
  • Charlie, the 57-pound labradoodle (still puppy?), didn’t go too crazy missing Mark and Jill.
  • AND, a time and place to think, write, and count my blessings.

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4 thoughts on “March 28, 2018

  1. It sounds like it was a day FULL of blessings. Congratulations on your new grandson! Nothing better than being a grandma!

  2. What a joyful post! Love the arrival of that 8 pounds of wonderfulness and your fun play with Maggie. Isn’t it great how technology connects us to the special moments and people in our lives?

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