Since last I wrote two children have moved, two grandchildren have been born, reading tests have been given, data  has been analyzed, a classroom packed up for the summer, a literacy symposium attended, and a trip to Maine magically enjoyed. I wish I could say that I had kept writing through it all, but I didn’t. I’m okay with that because I know that I was present for the living of it which will someday inform some piece of writing.

I was in Maine with some old friends and new friends for a week of conversation, walking, reading, puzzlemaking, and even whale watching. I’m not sure what part I enjoyed the most, but I think it was the opportunity to be with smart, creative, thinking women who care about their communities, each other, and living purposefully in the world.

The common friend to all of us is Jen. She invited us to come together to celebrate her 50th birthday. We came from many different places, circumstances, and decades (I was the oldest). It was so fun to know Jen better through the friends she invited. We talked about books, religion, family, diversity, whales, music, food–there was always an interesting conversation going on. The TV never went on all week. No need. Such a restorative week.

Sue, the artist in the group, gathered small things on the beach. This said it all.

Sue 1


5 thoughts on “July 2, 2018

  1. This sounds absolutely wonderful! I love weekends away with my women friends! So restorative! And I love your friends “Found Art.”

  2. Sigh… that sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate someone’s birthday. I’m glad you took time off to be present in your life and glad that you’re back to writing so we can read about it. Also, I love the art. 🙂

  3. It certainly sounds like you have had a LOT going on during the past few months! Congratulations on the grandchildren and on friends who know how to celebrate!

  4. The long list at the beginning followed by the obviously relaxing trip to Maine is a perfect structure for this simple but strong piece about living in the present among friends. They the perfect image at the end.

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