My friend, Sally, posted today about time. She observed that while each day has the same 24 hours, the amount of time we feel we have can vary from day to day.

That makes me think of the time spent each March writing and reading all the wonderful posts at Two Writing Teachers. Why am I able to carve out time each day in March to write, but the rest of the year I am more sporadic? I guess it’s about the commitment, the challenge, and the desire. Nothing new there.

I think what is new(er) to me this year is how lost I can get in reading and responding to other bloggers. I love reading blogs with different voices, different forms, and different life experiences. What I notice and appreciate is how so many are willing to take risks, to share teaching plans, reading responses, and heart-wrenching stories. I read one and then I tell myself, “Just one more.” Then, another and another. I’m going to have to put myself on a blog budget!

Our humanity is affirmed through our sharing our writing.


7 thoughts on “Time

  1. When I started a few days ago, I was unsure whether I would have time to write each day. While I am now more confident of that, I do find myself reading a lot of other people’s work. It is well worth the time I didn’t think I would find.

  2. A blog “budget”- I need one of those too. You are so right about the range of voices in the writing and the variety. I’ve also noticed many common themes and topics, which is reflected in your last line: “Our humanity is affirmed through our sharing our writing.”

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