First Graders Rock

It was nearly the end of a very busy day catching up after being out of school for two days. My last little group of first graders was reading Chicken Little. They nailed their reading with expression, and I was really pleased with progress we are beginning to see. When each of them had finished, I was ready to transition to some writing work, but was stopped by Praise.

Praise: Wait! I have a question. How did Chicken Little even know where the king lived?

Me: That’s a really interesting question.

Miles: Maybe she had been to the king’s castle to visit. OR, maybe she was friends with the princess!

Me: That sounds like a story you could write!

I’m still smiling. I never get tired of observing the workings of the minds of first graders.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lmwp2016megginv
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 21:14:01

    How lovely that you recognized their connections without giving direction. You are helping craft happy readers and motivated writers!


  2. Elana Waugh
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 21:24:21

    I love the honesty of first graders. I love how you inspired them to write more by validating their point.


  3. Fran McCrackin
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 21:25:53

    I agree- perfect rejoinder to keep her talking. I love that anyone might be friends with the princess! (Even a silly chicken.)


  4. macrush53
    Mar 06, 2019 @ 23:35:19

    Love first graders. They tell it as it is.


  5. Alice Nine
    Mar 07, 2019 @ 01:39:13

    Love their imagination that fuels their “logic.”


  6. sallydonnelly11
    Mar 07, 2019 @ 20:18:03

    Thanks for letting me spy on you as you converse with your students. Your questions and suggestions perfectly nudged them.


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