There was a time when my friend was so angry at the world she turned away a woman who came to her door offering a plate of homemade cookies.

“I don’t want your damn cookies,” she said and shut the door.

On one level it was true. Cookies weren’t going to solve any of the problems she faced.

We don’t usually get to choose how others try to help us. People do what they can in the ways they know.

I realize how often I might hold back giving because of this sad experience. I worry that my cookies aren’t the right response to another’s pain. I need to get over that! I’m thinking I’ll try taking cookies to someone again. The important thing is that my hands reach to another’s.


3 thoughts on “A Plate of Cookies

  1. I like the way you told this, with a “reveal.”
    Short and poignant. The line ‘we don’t usually get to choose how others help is’ will stuck with me.
    Of course I think you must keep baking and offering cookies:)

  2. Sometimes it seems like trying to figure out the “right” response is downright paralyzing! Is it better to do something, anything or to do nothing? I think something has to be better. Take the cookies…I’m sure they’ll help.

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