Today in a team meeting, I was surprised by the passion that bubbled up from deep inside me. I talked about intentional teaching of strategies for deeper comprehension. “How are we making choices about what to teach tomorrow?” I heard myself speaking strongly about using quality materials for small group reading. “Kids deserve the best we can afford,” I said. I might have had a critical tone that I didn’t mean. I’m not sure. The struggle I have with being assertive without feeling guilty is raging in my head. Did I overstep? Did I say too much? Or, did I say what needed to be said? Will it make a difference for students?

I know I was reacting. We were having a data discussion and the scores were not good. Suddenly, I was overcome with urgency. I wanted others to share in the effort, to stop blaming the kids, to get off phones and computers and teach. It is urgent. We can’t expect kids to learn if we don’t do the work to teach them. I want success for these kids so much it hurts.



4 thoughts on “Team Meeting

  1. Some days, I want to go back to the classroom just to show that I can do all that I know is best for kids. Other days, I doubt I’d make it until noon. There is a lot to be said about the urgency we must ALL feel about student learning. Each day that passes is gone. These kids don’t get to do it all over again next year. This is their one shot at making their year a success. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well.. I think it’s time we had those kind of discussions in my department.

    You’re very brave, and please don’t regret. If you did, I’d be concerned you’d change who you are.. Kids needs caring teachers who get it about best practices.

    Who else will speak on their behalf?

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