Today was the day to celebrate our learning and enjoyment of Eric Carle’s art and stories! Sally, my art teacher friend, came to school and guided my first graders through the steps to think about what they know about Eric Carle, plan their piece, take their painted papers, design, cut, and glue.

First, we read The Man Who Painted a Blue Horse which Eric Carle wrote and illustrated to honor an artist who inspired him, Franz Marc. We talked about color, shape, and size. Then, we set them loose to go to work.  I loved watching each student work through the process. Each had their own idea and own way of working. The results made me so, so happy. Here are a few samples.


If I didn’t know it before, I know now. Humans, and especially kids, need to make art.

8 thoughts on “Design, Cut, and Glue

  1. These are wonderful, Marilyn! The dinosaurs, even with their menacing faces, make me smile. On another note, it was wonderful to meet you last weekend! Hope you had a great day full of learning!

  2. I LOVE this!! How fun and how necessary. Thanks for sharing the kids’ work with us. It’s a great idea.

  3. These are phenomenal. Will you send a couple photos to the artist himself? I agree with you…I think everyone needs to do some art! I wonder if that’s why these are shops are so successful! Thanks for sharing…makes me want to go paint! 🙂

  4. I love doing an Eric Carle study with my classes. He is such an interesting artist. We often have art studies that start with children’s book illustrators. You’re students have made some lovely art!

  5. I think Eric Carle’s methods are sort of magic. By painting then collating, everything looks so great. Your students’ work is so charming and expressive. I tried this out myself with a fellow teacher (an art afternoon fo just the two of us) and just loved it. Your post reminds me to do it again.

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