The bus was nearly full
but the seat next to me remained empty.
I hoped it would stay that way.
At the last minute before departure,
A young man boarded
and sat next to me.
With the ease of youth
he unpacked an iPOD, portable DVD, a magazine, and a journal.
I could see he came prepared
for the journey ahead with private things
that said, “Please don’t talk to me.”
I suppressed my chatty nature.
I dutifully avoided eye contact
and carefully kept to my space.

when he slept
and his foot unintentionally touched mine,
I didn’t move.

5 thoughts on “On the Bus

  1. This is great. Ironic that he sent such a strong message of “Don’t talk to me.” Yet, he was the one who actually made the first contact.

  2. I love that you took notice of all of these things about him, and because he didn’t want to be bothered, he likely took notice of nothing, including the fact that he touched you while sleeping. The horror! 🙂 Beautiful. The last line is evocative of the intimate nature of this accidental touch.

  3. Your small moment made me smile. I can imagine this young man and his sprawl, totally relaxed in sleep, making contact. I admire you for not wanting to move your foot – it gave me something to think about.

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