Johnny, 22 months

I wonder how many layers of feelings I’d have to peel back
to experience this joy.

I believe joy is still in me
but it feels as if I’ve misplaced it somewhere.

Where should I look?

What cares could I lay down?

What might I notice today that would shine a light?

Johnny knows.

6 thoughts on “Johnny Joy

  1. I so get this. Children have something we can’t find anymore. I love your line “What might I notice today that might shine a light?” I’ll be looking around for that myself. I think our best bet, however, is noticing THEM.

  2. Johnny knows! It’s there in that tousled hair, those eyes, that wide grin. It’s there, you captured it in! Now that you seen it, revel in the moment- Beautiful!

  3. This. Is. Perfect. Joy. You nailed it. Just seeing his shining face has brought so much joy to my evening, your day and I’m sure all who got to see his exuberant face. Would that we all could so easily peel back our layers of feelings and just shed some joyous cheer into the universe! Thank you for this wonderful post!

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