We often blame the weather for the various shapes, sizes, angles, and health of trees. As I walked through the woods at River Bend today, I wondered if there was something more than weather to explain why trees so near each other grow in such different ways.

Why are some so straight and tall while others seem to have struggled, twisting, almost writhing toward the sky? How do some trees thrive with their roots exposed? Some seem to require so little to survive from just a crack in the rock.

Today I saw trees, broken and decaying. Today I saw trees, choked by heavy vines. Today I saw trees with cancerous growths. Today I saw trees persisting, living, growing. All beautiful. In every stage of life. No matter the weather.

I can learn so much from trees.

8 thoughts on “Trees

  1. I will be thinking about you today, as I take my walk and look up and around me. Any time I can view things with a new perspective, I am grateful.

    Thank you for this beautiful slice.

  2. Thank you so much. Trees are such perfectly grand topics to write about. And the change non of topic is so healing.

  3. I recently read a book entitled “Forest Forensics,” by Tom Wessels. He explores some of the questions you’re asking, as well as other ways to examine the past by observing the present. Thanks for sharing this piece!

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