“Do you want to see what I made?” Evelyn asked.


She opened her red and white striped canvas tote. Gently, she lifted a bright array of colors, prints, rickrack, and ribbons. It was a riot of color and joy. You see, my sister has always loved to sew. It is her love language, I believe. She expresses herself in fabric, the way others might on an instrument or page. She touches fabric the way a mother strokes her baby. She can envision what it might become.

Evelyn had made 3 little sundresses for my new granddaughter, Molly. I’m leaving to visit them tomorrow, and Evelyn wanted me to bring her gift with me. I could cry when I think about the time she spent, the creativity she unleashed, and the pure delight these summer dresses will bring. They are perfect for hot summer days in Waco, Texas. She even gave me extra ribbon for Maggie, Molly’s older sister, to wear in her hair.

Tomorrow, I’ll be writing from Texas, which just might feel like heaven.

Note: The ribbons cinch up the front and back and are tied in bows at the shoulders.

12 thoughts on “Dresses for Molly

  1. You write so beautifully about Evelyn and her love for crafting for others. I love the line, “It was a riot of color and joy”. Safe travels!

  2. It’s hard to decide what to love about this post the most. The beautiful writing? The “riot of color?” The “love language” of your sister, hard at work crafting dresses for a new great-niece? No. It’s got to be a grandma, ready to meet a sweet new granddaughter. Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY.

  3. Oh, how I miss my sewing days! I made clothes for both of my kids when they were little, and I am a former quilter. So, I understand your description of how your sister touches fabric. I can’t wait to see what you write about this week.

    PS – I assume you have a picture of the dresses, but I can’t see the “riot of color and joy.”

  4. I also wonder if a photo got left off, and am dying to see your sister’s work!
    Such clear, direct language- your sister’s “love language”, her beautiful work, the thoughtfulness of adding in ribbon for the little one’s big sister, anticipating your trip to see them as a little bit of heaven. We see the love and care in your family.

  5. Thank you for sharing this gift exchange! You captured her love in your words beautifully. I loved the observation and description of the dresses and your sister’s hard work. I’m sorry the photo doesn’t seem to be working. I hope you enjoy your time in Texas though and that the dresses are enjoyed by the girls that get to wear them.

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