Today was the day to resume regular routines after my trip to visit my daughter and grandchildren. Before I retired, I often stayed up too late on Sunday evening getting my ducks in a row for Monday morning. Last night, I found myself doing the same thing. It was well after midnight before I slept. Did I really need to do that much preparation? Why do Mondays still feel like first days after so many years? I’ll figure that out another day.

Alice signed on to Zoom and we picked up where we left off. She had been struggling with rhyming, but today, she nailed it. Yes! We moved on to the other parts of the lesson. Again, she was strong! Yahooo! Then we re-read a book from 10 days ago. She read beautifully with expression.

“Alice, did you practice this book while I was gone?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t really read much. Sorry, Grandma!”

“Well, you are doing great today! Let’s pick another book!”

She beamed. We picked another, because there are always more books.

Small stories from my life as a teacher, grandma, and older human.

4 thoughts on “Resume

  1. There are, quite thankfully, ALWAYS more books. So glad and grateful to read this slice, which you’ve brought to us with such love and joy. Thank you.

  2. I love, love, love the relationship you two have around books and words. This is precious! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. >We picked another, because there are always more books.<

    Yes, there are always more books. My best memories are with my parents in a library reading, hiding to read, and checking things out to read. My own daughters love to read, as to many family memories so that last quote got me.

    There are always more books and more people to share that love! 🙂

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