The light turned red. I slowed to a stop and looked to my left. A few black crows rose up from the parking lot to the telephone wires above the bank. One crow had something in its mouth. It proudly perched with its find of the hour. Another crow stopped by to see what it had. That crow held on to its treasure. He wasn’t going to share.

“What is that?” I thought.

I couldn’t believe it, but there it was. A black crow, puffed up with the 2021 emblem. A mask.

8 thoughts on “You never know

  1. What a moment to capture! You help us see it as you come to realize what you are seeing. Crows are known as inquisitive collectors- I wonder what they see in it? Certainly a 2020/21 memory here.

  2. Crows. I love them. They’ve actually become one of my favorite birds. This slice is perfect evidence that you have a writer’s eye. There you are at an intersection, open to the world as you observe it. Beautiful!

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