Dear Young Writer,

I know this has been a different year for you. You have not been in the classroom with your friends. You are naturally shy; you didn’t really get to finish first grade strong last year when the pandemic began. Maybe you have forgotten that your small moments are important.

I’m proud of you for working hard at your reading. You are getting in to some really great stories now. I know that you like the stories with strong characters who can solve problems.

Guess what? YOU are a strong character who can solve problems, figure out stuff, and notice new things. I’m really looking forward to our time to have fun working on our writing together. Already, you came up with four really good ideas for stories you can write. I can’t wait to read them.


Mrs. Miner

Today was the first day of my writing time with J. He’s in 2nd grade and has been homeschooled this year. I’m grateful his parents are trusting me to help him with his writing development. After all, writing IS my favorite thing to teach.

Tonight my teacher-heart feels like this:

Thank you to the writers and leaders at Two Writing Teachers for creating opportunities for teacher-writers to share.

5 thoughts on “Young Writer

  1. I love how you wrote this in letter form. It makes it so personal and heartfelt. I found that writing was the hardest thing for my students during online learning. They have a lot of stories to tell, they’ve lived through some stuff and have big feelings about it but they’ve struggled to get things down this year. I think they are stuck because they used to depend on writing about places that they visited. I love that line, “Maybe you’ve forgotten that your small moments are important”

  2. You clearly put your heart in this post. Our young writers need to know that no matter the circumstances — they can write, they are surrounded by stories, even at home. I am so thankful J’s parents are giving you the opportunity to keep him writing. Four story ideas already — just wow.

  3. Such an encouraging letter. I love how you state what J is good at, reading about strong characters. Then you teach him that he is also a character and his small moments can include the stories about the times when he will “solve problems, figure out stuff, and notice new things.” Of course you feel like that flower!! So glad you get to bloom and use all you know to help J bloom as a writer, too! Thanks for sharing this letter.

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