When warm weather calls
and the grass is just green
there’s a time of day
when bunnies can be seen.

Jane is my daughter who
loved bunny hunts best.
“Mommy, look!” she would say
“It’s our small, furry guest!”

Now she’s a mom,
her baby still new.
Will she teach him of bunnies,
spring green, and sky blue?

Baby feet, April 27, 2021
Writing on Tuesdays and every day in March.

7 thoughts on “For Jane

  1. This is such a sweet poem and I love that it’s tied to your daughter/grandbaby. The picture just adds that extra bit of cute to this poem. I could easily see this as a children’s poem given the rhyme scheme. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So sweet and so simple. The short lines capture childhood innocence perfectly. Thank you for this beautiful glimpse into motherhood and grandmotherhood.

  3. Those FEET. They are BEAUTIFUL. And I love how you tied together your own memories of being a parent with your wishes and longings for what you’re hoping with your grandchild. It’s sweet and sincere and…gorgeous.

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