It’s March Madness and there are games on upstairs and downstairs.  My husband and children (now grown) are avid fans of college basketball.  They discuss brackets, picks, match-ups, and how much they hate Duke (sorry, Duke fans).  Actually, this year, they like Jabari Parker, but still hate Duke.

When all five kids were at home, it was a constant battle to have homework time be a quiet time. It was a battle I rarely won. I finally gave up. They all insisted that they could concentrate better with background noise.  Especially when that noise involved sports. Their success in school proved them right and left me without a quiet leg to stand on.  

I’m an introvert, by nature.  I crave quiet.  I suffer when there is constant or too much noise.  It’s a loud world we live in with media coming at us from all sides.  However, tonight I’m adapting and am able to write this little slice of life with NC State and Xavier battling on the court.  I wonder what each of my kids is doing tonight as they watch.  I’d bet money that they are all watching.  I wonder if they would be surprised to see Mom doing her “homework” in front of the game. Maybe I’m becoming my children.

2 thoughts on “March 18, 2014

  1. Go Hoos!!! Is what us heard in our house.
    I don’t really understand the game of basketball but I admit I like watching the NCAA tournament, especially when UVA makes it.

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