I want to tell you about the sensible shoes my mother bought for me in 3rd grade.

I didn’t want to wear those shoes.

I want to tell you how she took me shopping before the first day of school.

I didn’t want to wear those shoes.

She said that RED Oxfords would be fun and would last all year.

I didn’t want to wear those shoes.

We bought those shoes.

They lasted even when I walked in the rain-filled gutter all the way home.

Sensible, red shoes.

3 thoughts on “March 19, 2014

  1. Another WOW and in such a small amount of words and lines! And your poem is so much more than just a poem about red shoes. So filled with meaning!

    I had just reread Those Shoes to do a possible argument debate – should Jeremy keep the shoes that don’t fit or give them to his friend? I think after the debate, I’ll share your poem…we can make some connections!! So glad you are writing in this challenge!!

  2. Not sure why but I just posted that last comment at 6:30am on March 20th? The time didn’t get recorded right.

    Writers are so interesting. I draft after school and then revise and edit and post first thing in the morning. YOU are a late night poster! Either way, we both seem to have found a writing rhythm that works for us! Let’s keep it up for 11 more days or more!

  3. Red oxfords, really? I can just imagine how you must have stood out. I’m wondering if you ever adjusted to their awkwardness and embrace them as companions.

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