Here are 10 things I have to get off my mind, even though just putting down a few words feels beyond me tonight:

  • We’re still waiting for the baby to come.
  • My dishes aren’t done.
  • My table at school is so piled with papers it is beyond tolerance.
  • There’s snow in the forecast again.
  • Some say that we have to have another snow day so that the county can apply to the state to have an earlier start date to the school year.
  • I’m itchy and worried that my students shared their head lice (oh, misery).
  • My son taught his first college PT class today and loved it.
  • I can’t stop thinking about my silent 3rd grader.
  • The number of unfinished projects I have could fill a lifetime.
  • Writing helps.

3 thoughts on “March 19, 2015

  1. I wrote a list tonight, too. And the only reason “my dishes aren’t done” was not on the list is that my daughter is home on spring break and I took her and her boyfriend out to eat tonight.

  2. Writing is always good for us. The only reason my table at school is not piled high is because I had to pack things away for Spring break because a work crew is coming to put in new carpet! 🙂

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