March 23, 2016

Last night after dinner, Tristan looked out the window.

“Hi, Moon,” he said in his 2 1/2 year old soprano.

He waited expectantly for an answer–

Such sweetness in his innocent face.

The moon was nearly full.

It’s full tonight.

“Hi, Moon,” I repeated.

Moon 3-22-16

                                                                              Photo by Ralph A. Johnson, 3/22/16.



6 comments on “March 23, 2016

  1. bjdonaldson says:

    Such a sweet sentiment. The photo adds a lot, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. kristalee11 says:

    I see the moon.
    The moon sees me.
    God bless the moon,
    And God bless me.

    Do you see the moon?
    The moon sees you.
    God bless the moon.
    And God bless you.

  3. rosecappelli says:

    I love looking at the moon. Love that Tristan expected an answer!

  4. smcninch says:

    I love this little snippet of life.

  5. The moon has such a commanding presence! So many of us greet it in the same way Tristan and you do.

  6. sallydonnelly11 says:

    Such a great moment captured!!

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