I could write about the great morning I had working with a friend in my school book room, but then you’d know that I worked over Spring Break.

I could write about Maggie’s first birthday today, but actually I won’t see her until tomorrow.

I could write about the happy lunch I had with my sister, but then I’d also have to tell you that my school computer was stolen out of my car while we enjoyed our conversation.

I could write about how nervous I was to go home and tell my husband about my computer, but I was actually blessed that he has mellowed with age. He gave a mild lecture, without the shouting of earlier years.

I could write about how deafening the voice in my head is that tells me what an idiot I am, but then I try to remember that whoever that voice is, lies. At least I hope it’s a liar. I am more than the mistakes I make.




8 thoughts on “March 24, 2016

  1. Oh my, what a bummer. How did you find posting on your IPad? I don’t mind using it for commenting but it seems to screw up my posts. It really doesn’t do “poetic” form well at all.

  2. Love the structure here too. Some of these formats are so productive for so many writers! Sorry about the computer–that’s awful! And I would have lost my mind trying to publish a post using my iPad. I love it for consuming media but can’t stand using it to create!

    1. Thank you. I tried to comment on your blog, too, but am struggling with tech issues. I wanted to say how wonderful the power of “I love you” is. Those words can carry so many levels and varieties of meaning.

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