March on. Steady march. Relentless march. March into the unknown.

March is not done softly. March is rhythmic, consistent, and intentional. March can be fierce.

March as movement; March as seasonal; March as lambs and lions.

I think that this year March has been all of these things for me. It has tested my stamina, my will, my desire, and my skill. I have learned to keep marching even when it is hard. I have gratefully been reminded that I don’t march alone.

I am grateful for all those who make the SOL Challenge possible, including every participant! This is my 3rd March of marching–but sometimes, I’ve danced.

7 thoughts on “March 30-31, 2016

  1. Love the repetition of march …not just a month!
    “I don’t march alone” is my favorite line!!
    So glad we have been on this writing journey together!!
    See you next Friday in person to give you a congratulatory hug!!

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