It was such a little thing, but I knew it could be such big thing. I was at my Kiss-and-Ride duty early on a very rainy day last week. Rain wasn’t expected until early afternoon. Many were caught unprepared and without jackets and umbrellas. My umbrella, in fact, was a ratty, half-broken, tan umbrella that had been my mother’s years ago. It’s home was on the floor of the back seat of my car. Who knows how many times it had been stepped on, or had groceries or books piled on top of it? My newer, more stylish umbrella was in my classroom, but I had no time to get it.

As the children piled out of their cars, some rushed by me. Others said, “Good morning,” as usual. ¬†Kindergartners with ladybug umbrellas, and batman umbrellas, rushed along. One little girl complained that she had to use her brother’s umbrella. It had Ninja turtles on it. There were the tougher kids who acted like they didn’t care about the rain while others protested loudly.

Next, Connor (4th) and his sister, Destiny (K), gingerly got out of their car. They carefully stepped across the stream of water and mud flowing down the gutter. Neither had a jacket or an umbrella. Without a word, Connor put his arm up over his little sister’s head to protect her from the rain. He walked the entire way into the building with his arm over her head. Did she know it was there? Someday, Destiny might remember the day her brother thought more of her than he did of himself and deeper love will fill her heart.



2 thoughts on “April 5, 2016

  1. Love the lead to this slice and the surprise at the end. I thought you were going in a different direction. Nie and tender this little guy. Good for him for loving his sis.

  2. So glad we both returned here today! Love the rain story and how you saw the best in that small detail, a brother looking out for his sister! See you on Friday in person!

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