My daughter greeted me tonight by saying, “I guess you haven’t seen the news, yet.” I said I hadn’t, fearing another shooting or natural disaster. What she said next was perhaps even harder to hear. She told me of the President’s recommendations for the budget in which he suggest severe cuts for programs that serve women and children, the poor, the arts, education, libraries, and the environment, while substantially increasing military spending. The list was startling and disturbing.

When it comes to politics, I have spent a good bit of my life with my head in the sand like an ostrich. I won’t go into the reasons why, but suffice it to say, I am being pushed to change. While I may not have confidence in my ability to discuss politics and history, I do have confidence in my belief that a society which does not care for its poor and needy is in great danger. Our humanity depends on our exercise of lovingkindness. A society that does not support the arts, education, and forums for discussion will not create a citizenry capable of sustaining it.

I could work myself up into a tirade at this moment. Instead, I’ll remind myself and my readers of these pieces of wisdom from George Washington Carver and Mother Teresa:


8 thoughts on “March 16, 2017

  1. This post really made me sad as well. I love how you inserted the quotes – I’m going to borrow that idea if that’s ok. We can change – especially through our words – keep writing!!

  2. I was also very upset today when I saw the proposed budget. You wrote your thoughts down very eloquently, and I enjoyed your quotes.

    I am hoping that the people who vote for the budget have the same belief that “A society that does not support the arts, education, and forums for discussion will not create a citizenry capable of sustaining it.”

  3. I hear and share your concerns. I have come to appreciate the arts, care for our earth, and advocate for the education of all. It is both scary and sad to see some of the core beliefs I hold and want in place for my children, challenged by what seems ignorance towards real issues. I love the quote by George Washington Carver. He has always been an inspiration to me. Thanks.

  4. Life doesn’t seem to be getting easier. I love the quotes, they help me to pause and consider that we need to come together and realize that these decisions have ripples.

  5. You share your thoughts about something that is so frustrating and angering in such a poised way. Thank you!
    And thank you for sharing two powerful quotes. I will keep my hopes up that the checks and balances will work and the little ripples do have an effect!

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