I’m excited to be heading to New York for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Saturday Reunion. I was amazed when I saw the number and quality of the workshops offered tomorrow. I don’t know how I’ll decide where to put my learning! But I’m happy I have the opportunity.

My favorite parts are hearing Lucy Calkins, sharing new learning with friends and strangers, walking in the city, feeling stronger than usual, and working on my weak navigation skills. I love watching Upper West Side families with their young children and dogs. I’ve never lived in a city, so imagining life there is fun.

My least favorite parts are getting lost, and the unsavory smells of cities.

My favorite list is a lot longer than my least favorite list, so that’s a good thing.

This time, I’m treating myself to the Lincoln Center to see the Paul Taylor Dance Company. I’m looking forward to some “rapture and bliss.”


7 thoughts on “March 17, 2017

  1. I’ve always wanted to do a TCRW workshop! Enjoy – it sounds wonderful! If you get a chance, check out Cookie DŌ NYC – it’s an amazing shop with scoops of cookie dough like ice cream – and belongs to a friend’s college friend….and be sure to write about your wonderful sessions next week!

  2. So glad you are going to Lincoln Center, too!!
    See you in the morning. Today’s a first. I posted after you!
    I had a great day observing at PS52 and touring the Brooklyn Museum.

  3. OOooohh, you are so fortunate!!

    .. *sigh* Guess it’s time to start saving. I want to make it there some day!

    I wish you all a wonderful, very fulfilling weekend!

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