March 2, 2018

Many of us in the Mid-Atlantic are experiencing fierce winds today. It’s the first time in my memory that school was canceled due to wind. The neighbors’ trash cans are scattered across the road, and I can already hear the sound of wood chippers around the corner. There is an unusual, eerie undercurrent that can be heard as gusts gather speed. This is a time for stretching my brain with a metaphor challenge! I’d love to read/hear your metaphors for wind, too!

  • The wind is a percussionist banging pots and pans on my roof.
  • The wind is a tidal wave colliding with the trees.
  • The wind is a bullet train heading this way.
  • The wind is a lion tamer cracking his whip.
  • The wind is a trainer stretching trees muscles.
  • The wind is breath of giants.
  • The wind is an invisible ocean.

The wind is a . . .
What is your metaphor for wind?


7 comments on “March 2, 2018

  1. Ramona says:

    The wind is a branch snatcher. We know when our winds pick up because the ground will be littered with branches.

  2. I love your list! Another slicer said it sounded like a freight train. My tomorrow slice is a little about the wind so check it out tomorrow!

  3. I also wrote about the wind today, and your post makes me think more poetically!
    I like the tidal wave and the lion tamer- two different qualities of wind.
    I’m going to have to think of some of my own…

  4. I love the list of metaphors- what a great classroom challenge! I wrote that the wind is nature’s heavy metal concert.

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