March 9, 2018

This morning I was tying my right shoe and felt the heavy weight of depressive thoughts making it hard to get out the door to work. I was struggling. Then I switched to tie my left shoe. It was at that instant I had a little “gloment.” That’s the word that formed in my mind when a little glimmer of light eased its way inside. It was there and left a mark. Not like sunlight or even moonlight. Perhaps a twinkle like a star. Was it a flash of memory of my dad? Was it the comfort of a repetitive action like tying shoes? Was it the empty house full of 35 years of living? I don’t know, but I was grateful for that “gloment.” Maybe you’ll find that a useful word someday too.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Emily Culbertson
    Mar 09, 2018 @ 22:26:08

    I’m grateful for your happy ending. Cheers to many more gloments just when you need them.


  2. Cori Gagliardi
    Mar 09, 2018 @ 22:30:23

    Love the new word. And I love how you describe a glimmer of light that stays with you. Powerful imagery in these words.


  3. persistenceandpedagogy
    Mar 09, 2018 @ 22:33:25

    I love your new portmanteau word. It is perfect! Here’s to more gloments in all of our lives!


  4. Joy Bakken
    Mar 09, 2018 @ 22:37:03

    You so eloquently depict that moment of vulnerability turned bravery. I am definitely going to remember your “gloment!” Thanks for an impactful slice.


  5. johnrereads
    Mar 10, 2018 @ 18:51:06

    go glomoments – nice little slice – like how is is all wrapped up in tying shoes
    so simple – so real – has depth


  6. franmccrackin
    Mar 10, 2018 @ 20:21:47

    I will be looking for these moments in my life, now!


  7. Debbie Lynn
    Mar 10, 2018 @ 20:29:23

    I like your new word, gloment. 🙂


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