I’m thinking about our snowday tomorrow. So often, I struggle with unstructured time and making decisions about how to use the “gift of time.” Do I spend it cleaning, reading, knitting, writing, sorting papers, sewing, making trash, napping, watching a movie, or cooking? Historically, I spend a lot of time just watching it snow. Ideally, I’d like to do all of the above, but prioritizing has always been a struggle. So often, I think, “Man, if I had time, I would…”

Over the years, I’ve read books on time management, getting organized, de-cluttering, and self-discipline, but all these have really brought me is a feeling of falling short. I’m not a slouch–I work really hard–but to rhythms that are my own.

A yoga lesson comes to mind in which we learned that letting go of outcomes is a path to freedom and feeling happier. So rather than worry about the outcome of my snowday, I might let go of the massive burden of want-to, like-to, and have-to which all exist outside of the present moment.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

5 thoughts on “March 20, 2018

  1. Thank you. I needed to read this. I’m suppose to fly out of Dulles tomorrow night.I guess I need to let go of expected outcomes…either my plane will fly or it won’t. And worrying won’t change the outcome…Have a good snow day!

  2. Your awareness of your feelings is quite impressive. I really appreciated your honesty and found myself nodding in agreement with this line: “I’m not a slouch–I work really hard–but to rhythms that are my own.” Thank you for a much needed reminder to be present.

  3. “Historically, I spend a lot of time just watching it snow.” You know, from where I sit, that sounds like an excellent choice. I hope that tomorrow you can appreciate the moment and enjoy watching the snow (or whatever you end up doing) without the nagging little voice in your head. Good luck!

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