Today I will inhale the blue Carolina sky and remember walking to the lake with Maggie.

Today I will hoard memories of bluets and newborn babes.

Today I will savor the imperfections that challenge me.

Today I will trust in family.

Because I have experienced loss.

Because I am not yet complete.

Because bluets may be my favorite flower and nothing compares with newbornness.

Because tomorrow I leave these loved ones to return home.


Dear SOLC Friends,

Thank you for your kindness in supporting me as a writer, teacher, and grandmother. I could not ever ask for more. So many of you have lifted me by your example of quality in both writing and living as aware, thoughtful human beings. Your stories, poems, and reflections are nourishment and creative calories for this hungry soul. I wish each of you the best in your lives.


7 thoughts on “March 31, 2018

  1. I really like the pattern of your poem…very clever. What an eventful month and a story to reflect each one. That’s what I love about writing every single day. Look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays!

  2. Your posts always have a depth and passion. And humility and honesty. Sometimes they strike me into stillness.
    I love this format and may try it 🙂
    Thank you for your support this month, may it continue, mutually.

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