Imagine how I felt when I received Maggie’s story a few days ago. Maggie will be five in a few weeks.

She wrote: Maggie was skipping along on the tall grass. She stepped in a muddy puddle. The weary wind was rushing by.

How does an almost five-year-old know the weary wind?

Pure magic.

Maggie, February 2020

8 thoughts on “Weary

  1. Wow. Love it. The magic that comes out of them sometimes sure is remarkable. Thanks for sharing this – sounds like someone has a shot at doing something one day with words! Always great to see!

  2. What a wonderful line! Truly a small moment to capture. Who knows, she may include your piece and photo in her book talks as an adult author!!
    (Does her grandmother perhaps read her poetry?)

  3. So much is packed in these short lines. “Weary wind” -! Children are instinctively poetic. My new granddaughter, age 4, said: “I was crying with my blue eyes.”

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