Five good things about today:

My sister had a birthday.

I talked to my daughter and her son.

I bought myself a Ben&Jerry’s ice cream cone.

I sat in on an interview and the interviewee remembered me. She was my daughter’s best friend in elementary school. She moved, and I hadn’t seen her since 1993 when she was in 6th grade. I love small world happenings.

So far, I have not become ill. I’m grateful for Vitamin C, whether or not it actually helps.

Good thing #6:

I accepted my challenge to myself to think of 5 good things. Blessings to all.

7 thoughts on “March 12, 2020

  1. I always forget how powerful a list can be…I might need to try that on one the days when a topic to write about is hard to come by. I love small world happenings too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I absolutely love this list! You know, it’s amazing how many wonderful things we start to see when that’s what we focus on.

    I also love how your extra #6 snuck in. =)

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