I have read that the secret to improving writing is showing up everyday. I’m here. I’m showing up, but I don’t really have a story because…

I didn’t heed my own advice. I was on screens too long today. It rained and I didn’t get outside. I watched several sessions of the VSRA conference, FaceTimed with a friend, researched distance learning to alleviate my anxiety, and watched Ralph Fletcher teach writing on Facebook. He made it look so easy and natural.

It was my son’s 40th birthday. That meant more time on the phone as my family brainstormed 40 ways for him to celebrate this significant birthday when he couldn’t go out to eat, or see a movie, or have friends over. Some of them were pretty funny. We actually came up with about 50 ways he could celebrate. I hope he did.

Too much screen time today. More conference sessions and a google hangout for school tomorrow. This teacher needs to set some boundaries on screen time. At least it’s not supposed to rain. A walk is needed!

8 thoughts on “Just showing up

  1. It sounds like you did a lot today! I love the circular nature of your piece–how you mentioned too much screen time and gave vivid details and then came around to too much screen time again.

  2. Sometimes, it happens, we get washed out in the day’s events. However, here you are, writing. Not every day has a grand story. Somedays, it’s just about the day.

    You got here, you got it done, and now, relax. 🙂

    And happy birthday to your son! My wife’s birthday is next Friday. We are thinking of things to do for her too! 🙂

  3. That is probably my least favorite thing happening right now with distance teaching, the screen time. It seems to go on forever and it’s hard to get comfortable in front of the screen and I lean close to the screen so I can see better and that gives my neck a crick. Happy birthday to your son. I bet, even tho he can’t do anything too crazy, that this will be a memorable birthday for him.

  4. Yeah, all of our screen times are at all time highs right now. Today I was watching The Crown on my laptop while prepping dinner and I looked up to see both of my sons on their iPads with tv on and my husband on his phone, It was such a disconnected sight. That’s just the only escape I think until this is all over… I’d like to see that list! It’s our friend’s 40th this weekend and his party at the Sox game was canceled and he’s bummed. Trying to celebrate anything isn’t normal with this all going on. I do wish for you a good, refreshing walk tomorrow.

  5. Yes what you slice about is very familiar, our day just gets sapped away by things like screens and then something like the weather interferes! I hope your son found ways to entertain himself, our older son just turned 41 on Tuesday and we had a quick facetime with him while he had dinner with his sisters. Very low key!

  6. Too much screen time, maybe…but it’s also your current reality. As in, you’re human. =)

    Sorry to hear your son’s birthday isn’t what anyone hoped or expected. It does sound like you have been able to make the best of it, though.

    Here’s to a better tomorrow!

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